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Essays & talks

Modelling the World - of trains and brains (pdf 72 K)

Legitimacy and Acceptance in the European Union (pdf 135 K)

Meta-Research and Meta-Robotics (pdf 180 K)

Towards a Scientific Foundation for Engineering Cognitive Systems (Pp 2.2M)

On new and old crises - two poems and one aphorism (pdf 144 K)

Content, Cognition & Robotics (pdf 820 K)

Engineering Artificial Cognitive Systems (pdf 984 K)

Cognition and (Artificial) Cognitive Systems - explanatory & exploratory notes (pdf  230 K)

Technologies for harnessing knowledge: a European research agenda (pdf 157 K)

The Semantic Web - a Web of Knowledge and Services (pdf 47 K)

The GRID, the WEB and KNOWLEDGE (pdf 121 K)

2001- a CyberSpace Odyssey (a short story in three movements) (pdf 950 K)

The perpetrators of geopolitics

Democracy forever?

Confessions of a Chinese Room pdf(57K)

War and Virus

On Beliefs (pdf 37 K)

Mephistopheles - original and updated

Comments on current world affairs (2022) (pdf 118K)

A Short Refutation of Computationalism


Earthquakes and Air Raids (pdf 69K)

Surplus Value - an Imaginary Socioeconomic Scenario (pdf 71 K)

Will “intelligent” machines “take over”? (pdf 75 K)

The Mind-Body Problem – is it Really a Problem? (pdf 95 K)

Is God a Mathematician?

A brief note on "Robots, Research, and Responsibility" (pdf 92 K)

Three questions on "robot ethics"

A brief note on Knowledge Technologies (pdf 117 K)

Notes on "digital content"  (pdf 161 K)

Semantic Web technologies - notes and pointers

Multimedia - notes and pointers

Are "Digital Libraries" libraries? Yes, but ... (pdf 80 K)

Information Society - notes and pointers

On the proper use of Information Technology

Time, Being, Consciousness, Death and Eternity (from a travel log)