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War and Virus

By 24 October 2023, nearly 110000 people had died from or with Covid-19 in Ukraine.

There are no reliable casualty figures for the ongoing war in Ukraine. Estimates run into the hundreds of thousands since the war began in 2014. None of the parties to the conflict has published counts.
In contrast, the number of people whose lives ended as a result of the new Corona virus, often in conjunction with pre-existing illnesses, has been more or less accurately established.

All over the world, authorities have taken extraordinary measures to prevent premature deaths, especially of the elderly, from Covid.

No measures are taken to prevent war deaths, especially among young men, the soldiers. The opposite is the case. The flames are fanned, and even many ordinary citizens who want to live normal lives fall victim to the incompetence of mediocre politicians who serve largely obscure interests rather than the people. And there is no end in sight.

The claim to save lives threatened by a virus was an outright lie. If those in power really wanted to save the lives of those they claim to care about, they would not be waging wars.

War, not the virus, is the scourge of humanity. It is self-inflicted and - with good will - can be avoided.

Hans-Georg Stork, 10/2023