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Multimedia (content and tools) - notes and pointers

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Link summary: structured collections, digital representations of real-world objects, 'dynamic' objects, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting , touching, sensory features, analog representations, creation, description, storage, management, manipulation, annotation, analysis, search, access, retrieval, communication, presentation, multimedia tools, multimedia systems, education and training, entertainment, information services, cultural heritage, engineers, architects, scientists, medical doctors, workflow (including CSCW), transaction oriented (e.g. for e-commerce), multimedia systems architectures, general architectural issues, standards, players in multimedia R&D and business, professional organisations, major conferences


Multimedia content may be 'defined' as

  • structured collections of digital representations of abstract or real-world objects (including objects with a time dimension, or 'dynamic' objects);
  • real-world objects are either natural or man-made; their features can (in principle) be perceived by humans through one, several or all of the five senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching;
  • to form part of multimedia content a digital representation of a real-world object must preserve some or (in the best case) all sensory features of that object;
  • to form part of multimedia content a digital representation of an abstract object (e.g. data sets, information spaces) must allow presentations that appeal directly to one, several or all of the human senses.

Note that this 'definition' excludes digital representations that do not preserve or create any sensory features of the objects they represent. (A database for instance, of personnel records that solely consist of numerical or textual fields, will not be considered 'multimedia'.)

In fact, more often than not the objects underlying digital representations are man-made and themselves analog representations (e.g. images, text, sound, etc.) of real-world objects. (Strictly speaking, 'text', as a concatenation of characters drawn from a finite set of symbols, is itself a digital object type; hand written text, however, clearly includes a strong analog component.)

Whereas storing and communicating analog representations of (real-world) objects require a range of different physical media (e.g. paper, film, air (!), magnetic tape, electromagnetic fields, etc.), digital representations can in principle be stored on and communicated via a single physical medium respectively. (Hence 'multimedia' may be considered a misnomer; it is actually the replacement of several (multi) physical media by (potentially) a single one that the term 'multimedia' alludes to.)

Operations on digital representations and collections thereof include:














Multimedia tools

- in general both hardware and software - are needed to perform these operations. In fact, what we have listed are classes of operations; hence tools can be grouped in corresponding classes. None of them can be seen in isolation. Application of these operations/tools is usually subject to some sequential or hierarchical order, they are of different degrees of complexity, and there is substantial overlap between the issues pertaining to the operations listed.

Multimedia contents and tools together form multimedia systems.

Multimedia content as defined above is largely application domain specific.

Application domains include:

It may also serve specific or general purposes such as


Multimedia tools are either generic or application specific: different application areas and different applications within these areas may impose different requirements on the specificities of the various types of operations listed above.

The particular features of authoring tools for instance, clearly depend on the type of content to be created: requirements for authoring a set of courseware modules are likely to be quite different from those for compiling an interactive multimedia newspaper or for producing a video clip.

Yet, the basic features of these operations do provide a common ground for most if not all contexts of multimedia content. They are largely independent of any given application domain. The same holds for the basic features of multimedia systems architectures.

General architectural issues include:

heterogeneity, distributivity, federation, scalability, interoperability, sustainability and commercial viability of multimedia repositories / systems; multimedia production systems; embedded multimedia (e.g. background multimedia libraries), human-centred design techniques, etc.

Adherence to standards in the design and implementation of multimedia systems is a necessary condition for (inter alia) interoperability, sustainability and commercial viability. Standards issues arise in connection with several of the above classes of operations, in particular creation (representation formats and languages), description (metadata, identifiers, languages) and communication (protocols).

Players in Multimedia R&D and business include:

  • computer science / informatics community (particularly information retrieval, database management, computer graphics and multidisciplinary groups focusing on multimedia systems, digital libraries and other relevant areas), information scientists and practitioners;
  • basic and applied research institutes;
  • near industry research organisations;
  • relevant industry R&D labs;
  • content producers (including media artists) / providers (including memory institutions);
  • content users (professionals and their organsiations, the general public (at public exhibitions for instance))

Selections of professional organisations and major conferences are given below.


Link summary: structured collections, digital representations of real-world objects, 'dynamic' objects, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting , touching, sensory features, analog representations, creation, description, storage, management, manipulation, annotation, analysis, search, access, retrieval, communication, presentation, multimedia tools, multimedia systems, education and training, entertainment, information services, cultural heritage, engineers, architects, scientists, medical doctors, workflow (including CSCW), transaction oriented (e.g. for e-commerce), multimedia systems architectures, general architectural issues, standards, players in multimedia R&D and business, professional organisations, major conferences

BUBL LINK / 5:15 - Multimedia - general (portal, annotated links)

Multimedia Virtual Library (annotated links)

The Multimedia Course (tutorial, commercial)

Multimedia Information Technologies (NII report)

Image and Multimedia Database Resources (links)

Applications and Impact of Hypermedia Systems: An Overview (paper, e-journal)

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Structured collections
DIGITAL LIBRARIES: Resources and Projects (IFLA)

Lesk Home Page ( - US DLib manager)

DIGITAL LIBRARIES - A Technology Assessment (survey)

The New Zealand Digital Library (a real virtual library)

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digital representations of real-world objects
Does Representation Need Reality? (paper, conference)

The Structures of the Common-Sense World (paper, journal)

A New Representation of Knowledge Concerning Human Anatomy and Function (paper, journal)

On The Net Resources - Art (annotated links)

Digital dirt (e-art experiments)

Geocognostics - A New Paradigm for Spatial Information? (paper, conference)

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dynamic objects
body motion (report, gov. research)

Computer Theater (paper, conference)

An Outline of an Event-driven Spatial Data Structure for Managing Time-Varying Maps (paper, conference)

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Welcome to the Tutorial on Visualization

Data and Visualization Corridors (report, workshops)

USC Annotated Computer Vision Bibliography

see also 'presentation: virtual reality / interactive simulations, visualisation techniques, etc..' below

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Paul Browning's Audio Digital Signal Processing Page (personal homepage, project, report)

Bol Processor BP2 (composer, shareware)

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Industrial Multimedia Systems ("So far the sense of smell has not been exploited")

Surf & Smell (it may be a hoax)

The FAIT CyberNose (it may also be a hoax)

Olfactory Receptor DataBase

Sensory science in the service of marketing (there is commercial interest)

A REVOLUTION OF THE SENSES (commercial, products, but: will it work?)

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ever since he took a wine tasting class while earning his Bachelor's in Computer Science (what it says)

Researchers taste success with electronic tongue (Univ. of Texas - Austin, news article)

MUSHing the Electronic Frontier (from MUDs and MOOs to MUSHes)

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Bricks: Laying the Foundations for Graspable User Interfaces (paper, conference)

Haptics Community Web Page (what it says)

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sensory features
Connecting Object to Symbol in Modeling Cognition (essay, book)

Minds, Machines and Searle (paper, journal)

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analog representations
 The History of Communication Media (essay, e-journal)

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Multimedia operations and pertinent issues:

representation formats and languages
Multimedia File Formats on the Internet (overview, links)

The SGML/XML Web Page (overview, links)

MPEG-4 and MPEG-7: coding and describing multimedia objects (paper, workshop)

digitization techniques
University of Oxford's 'Scoping report' - Digitization Methods (study, report)
editing / authoring / production tools
W3 Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (W3C)
watermarking and encryption
Cryptography and Encryption (annotated links)

Papers on Video Watermarking (bibliography, links to full text)

digital representations of not yet commonly handled objects and features (related, for instance, to senses other than seeing and hearing)
Digital Landscape Modeling and Visualization: A Research Agenda (paper, conference)

Immersion Corporation (commercial)

Excalibur, A Three-Axis Force Display (abstract, conference)

The Aesthetics of Virtual Worlds (paper, conference)

Digitization Of The Book: A Report On Present Trends (study, report)

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description (there is a strong link between description related issues and those related to other classes of operations, particularly analysis, search and retrieval)
Journal of Classification (journal)

LC Classification Outline, 6th Edition: Contents (what it says)

The role of classification schemes in Internet resource description and discovery (report, EU project DESIRE)

Metadata and Resource Description (W3C, links)

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DC homepage)

metadata derivation and tools
Smart Metadata for Content-based Retrieval from Large Image Databases (paper, conference)

A Metadata Architecture for Digital Libraries (paper, conference)

A Metadata Architecture for Multi-System Interoperation (paper, conference)

Metadata Tools for Geospatial Data (annotated links)

Metadata Software Tools (catalogue of links)

Metadata Related Tools (DC tools page)

knowledge representation, ontologies, related (formal) language issues
What is a Knowledge Representation? (overview, magazine)

DESCRIPTION LOGICS (annotated links)

Some Ongoing KBS/Ontology Projects and Groups (links, KB groups/projects/etc)

Formal Methods (annotated links)

A Geographic Knowledge Representation System for Multimedia Geospatial Retrieval and Analysis (paper)

Cycorp: Company Overview (commercial KBS)

Knowledge Annotation Initiative of the Knowledge Acquisition Community (research initiative, homepage)

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distributed storage
Internet2 Distributed Storage Infrastructure (I2-DSI) (project, homepage)

Distributed Storage Systems (project, homepage)

Distributed Network Storage with Quality-of-Service Guarantees (paper, conference)

near-line storage architectures, caching
Scheduling and data layout policies for a near-line multimedia storage architecture (abstract, e-journal)

Video Server on an ATM Connected Cluster of Workstations (paper, conference)

Performance Engineering of the World Wide Web (paper, e-journal)

Web caching bibliography (with many links to full text)

I/O bandwidth resource management, OS support for realtime and non-realtime data, compression techniques
Multimedia resource management in OS/390 LAN Server (paper, e-journal)

VistaServer (product, commercial)

Multimedia Operating Systems and Networking (MONET) Research Group (research group, homepage)

Multimedia Data Compression Techniques and Standards (overview)

Compression -- All Books (bibliography)

Multimedia Image Compression Systems (R&D group, homepage)

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multimedia data models
Content-based Multimedia Data Management and Efficient Remote Access (technical report)

Content and multimedia database management systems (thesis summary)

Multimedia Research in the Object Systems Group (research group)

Contained Hypermedia (paper, e-journal)

distributed object management
The Object Management Group (OMG) (commercial org., homepage)

Distributed Object Management in the Large: A Fluid Model for Object Ensembles (paper, workshop)

Continuous Object Management (project description)

multimedia fragments management
The Constraint-Based Layout Framework LayLab and Its Applications (paper, workshop)

The Strategic Environment for Protecting Multimedia (article, workshop)

The Multimedia Copyright Issue (article, e-zine)

temporal and spatial databases
Spatial and Multi-Media Databases (bibliography, links to full-text)

Spatial and Temporal Object Databases (project description)

Dagstuhl Seminar - Integrating Spatial and Temporal Databases (seminar report)

multimedia data warehousing
It's Not Just Data Anymore (article, e-zine)

Teradata Goes Full Color (article, e-zine, commercial)

guaranteeing consistency, integrity and authenticity
Archiving and Authenticity (report, Getty)

Algorithms for image authenticity and integrity verification using hardware platform and control software (project description)

Authenticity of Digital Resources (paper, e-journal)

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code transformation
texture mapping
texture (definition, links)

The Campanile Movie (demo)

image perspective transformation
IPT Technology (introduction, industry research)
feature enhancement, etc...
SUSAN -- A New Approach to Low Level Image Processing (technical report)

DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY (research group, homepage)

Tutorial on Continuous Wavelet Analysis of Experimental Data (what it says)

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video annotation and summarization / abstracting
Annotations for Streaming Video on the Web: System Design and Usage Studies (paper, conference)

IDIC: Assembling Video Sequences from Story Plans and Content Annotations (paper, conference)

A. Murat Tekalp (personal homepage)

Aaron Bobick (personal homepage)

Video/image analysis for annotation and indexing (industry research)

content personalization facilities, etc...
Intermediaries: new places for producing and manipulating Web content (paper, conference)

Technical Note -- WebEntree: A Web service aggregator (paper, e-journal)

Collaborative Filtering (links)

Automated Collaborative Filtering and Semantic Transports (paper, links, personal website)

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data mining / knowledge discovery in multimedia databases
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Databases (bibliography)

data mining (definition, annotated links)

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (journal)

ACM Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery in Data and Data Mining

3D Visual Data Mining (project)

MultiMediaMiner (project)

document analysis and understanding
International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition

Document Image Understanding (technical report, survey)

OCR and Text Recognition: Academic Research Projects (annotated links)

Jianying Hu (personal homepage)

Content Understanding Resources (web and non-web resources)

image analysis, pattern recognition, feature detection (e.g. object motion detection, tracking and characterization; face detection and tracking; understanding acoustic signals; speaker identification and tracking; emotion detection - 'kansei';...for content based retrieval...)
Texture Analysis & Images Databases Systems Bookmarks

Laboratory of Image Analysis - Aalborg University (research institute home page)

Image Analysis Group at CSIRO Mathematical and Information Science (CMIS) (research inst. home page)

Image Analysis, Image Processing, and 3-D Reconstruction (commercial links)

Image Analysis Links (personal links)

Heartsoft Unveils Ability to Detect and Intercept Pornographic Images on the Internet (comm. press release)

Anti-Porn Algorithm Senses Shades of Smut (Wired article)

pattern recognition (def., annotated links)

Pattern Recognition (journal)

The Pattern Recognition group - Technical University of Delft (research group home page)

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Group - University of Bonn (research group home page)

The International Association for Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks (book)

The Wavelet IDR Center Research Subteam - Feature Detection and Denoising (research group homepage)

A Common Framework for Steerability, Motion Estimation and Invariant Feature Detection (preprint)

USC Computer Vision Group (University of Southern California) (research group home page)

Feature Detection and Representation of Faces Using Deformable Templates (conference paper)

Affective Computing (MIT Media Lab) (research group home page)

Kansei Engineering (def.)

Development of a new concept of "Kansei Engineering" for the Virtual Reality Map (brief overview)

Are we ready for computers that know how we feel? (article, e-zine)

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resource discovery
Improving Resource Discovery and Retrieval: existing approaches and the EU project DESIRE (brief overview, links)

Harmony (DSTC-JISC-NSF project)

The Information Discovery Graph: Towards a Scalable Multimedia Resource Directory (conference paper, abstract)

A Multiagent system for Navigation Assistance and Information Finding (paper, conference)

DSTC Pty Ltd - Resource Discovery Unit (semicom. home page)

Resource Discovery Network (RDN) (service)

Resource Discovery and Information Filtering (links)

meta-search engines
Guide to Meta-Search Engines (overview, annotated links)

Meta-Search Engines (introduction, annotated links)

A Content-Based Image Meta-Search Engine using Relevance Feedback (techn. report)

agents for filtering and selection
Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) (W3 consortium)

Agent Technologies (links)

Using an Intelligent Agent to Enhance Search Engine Performance (paper, e-journal)

A Case-Based Approach to Adaptive Information Filtering for the WWW (paper, workshop)

concept based browsing
Concept-Based Browsing in Video Libraries (paper, abstract)

Geographic Information Retrieval and Spatial Browsing (techn. report, survey)

Visual Browsing in Web and non-Web Databases (annotated links)

content based querying
Querying Multimedia Presentations Based on Content (paper, abstract)

Region-based image querying (techn. report, workshop)

A Tool for Content Based Navigation of Music (paper, conference)

Content-Based Access to Multimedia Information (techn. report)

Content-based visual querying (summary)

Finding Images/Video in Large Archives (paper, d-lib e-journal)

QBIC(TM) -- IBM's Query By Image Content (industry research)

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indexing methods (e.g. spatial indexing, content based indexing)
A Framework for Developing Information Indexing, Filtering, and Searching Tools on the Internet (paper, conference)

Automatic and Dynamic Identification of Metadata in Multimedia (paper, abstract)

A Study of Image Indexing Techniques for Multimedia Database Systems (techn. report)

Indexing and Querying Image Databases: An Introduction

access control (including control of access to illegal and harmful content)
Safeguarding Digital Library Contents and Users (paper, d-lib e-journal)

Technical Control Possibilities for the Prevention of Criminal Content in Computer Networks (I) (survey, part 1)

Technical Control Possibilities for the Prevention of Criminal Content in Computer Networks (II) (survey, part 2)


Internet Regulation Through Architectural Modification: The Property Rule Structure of Code Solutions (survey, e-journal)


rights management
Digital Rights Architectures for Intellectual Property Protection (techn. report)

Electronic Rights Management and Digital Identifier Systems (paper, e-journal)

Rights Management Through Enhanced Attribution (paper, conference)

OII Guide to Intellectual Property Rights for Electronic Information Interchange (EU info)

Intellectual property rights (IPR) under ESPRIT (project summaries, links)

Let the Music Play (article, e-zine)

user privacy
ECMS, (c)-tech, and protecting privacy against surveillance by digital works (paper, conference)

The Anonymizer Protecting User Privacy on the Web (article, links, e-zine)

Platform for Privacy Preferences P3P Project (W3C website)

Is P3P "the Devil"? (term paper)

The Internet and Privacy Legislation: Cookies for a Treat? (paper, e-journal)

Privacy and Encryption Page (ACLU links)

Web-Site Sensitivity to Privacy Concerns (article, e-journal)

Echelonwatch (ACLU links)

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multimedia retrieval models (including network and hypermedia models, Web based multimedia)
Multimedia Document Retrieval (MDR) (1997-2000) (research group, projects)

ESSIR (European Summer School in Information Retrieval)

Maristella Agosti (personal homepage)

Doug Oard's Research Page (personal website)

the information retrieval group (Glasgow) (research group)

Information Retrieval Group (Dortmund)

Memex and Beyond (hypermedia, links)

content based ('intelligent') retrieval (see also: content based querying)
Image retrieval: combining content-based and metadata-based approaches (Ariadne column)

Content-based Image Retrieval (JISC report, survey)

Content-Based Retrieval of Music and Audio (abstract, paper)

The MAVIS project - extending generic links and content based retrieval to non-textual documents in the Microcosm model (technical report)

Welcome to the New Zealand Digital Music Library

The Exploratory Workshop on Music Information Retrieval (call for participation, links)

Progressive Content-Based Retrieval from Satellite Image Archives (paper, d-lib e-journal)

Content-based image retrieval system (demo, prototype)

VisualSEEk (demo, prototype)

John R. Smith (links to demos, prototypes)

Efficient Content-Based Retrieval of Humans from Video Databases (abstract)

Evaluating Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems (MARS project)

Content-Based Retrieval of Unstructured Multilingual, Multimedia Documents (DARPA project)

Surfimage: a Flexible Content-Based Image Retrieval System (paper, conference)

Scalable Content-Based Retrieval from Distributed Image/Video Databases (paper, e-journal)

Content Based Image Retrieval using Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques (project, demo, links)

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design and implementation of multimedia communication protocols
Scalable Multimedia Communication with Internet Multicast, Light-weight Sessions, and the MBone (technical report, survey)

Multipoint Communication in Computer Networks (survey, abstract)

The Multimedia Communications Research Laboratory (MCRLab) (research group, homepage)

Series H Recommendations - Audiovisual and multimedia systems (protocol specs)

quality of service
Quality of Service (QoS) (survey, links)

Quality of Service on the Internet: Fact, Fiction, or Compromise? (paper, conference)

Quality of Service for Internet Traffic over ATM Service Categories (paper, abstract, journal)

Building Consistent Quality of Service into the Network (article, e-zine)

Quality of Service Solutions Configuration Guide (survey, commercial)

A Survey of Quality of Service in Mobile Computing Environments (survey)

real-time streaming / synchronization, multimedia over the Internet
Real-time multimedia communication (overview, tools)

Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) (protocol spec)

Understanding Faster-Than-Real-Time (overview, tutorial, commercial)

Time Changes Everything (article, commercial org.)

Multimedia Over IP: RSVP, RTP, RTCP, RTSP (survey)

The MultiMedia Telecommunications Association (MMTA) (commercial org.)

Nabil Layaïda (personal homepage)

mobile multimedia, multimedia via satellite
Mobile Networks and Applications (journal)

Mobile Access - Working towards seamless Web access from mobile devices (W3C website)

Mobile Multimedia Research at the University of Southampton (research group, homepage)

The Mobile Computing and Multimedia Laboratory University of Maryland, College Park (research lab, homepage)

Mobile Multimedia (survey, links, projects, demos, presentations)


Mobile multimedia systems gaining speed (article, e-zine)

Mobile Multimedia Streams project (industry research)

www.nokia.com (industry site)

www.ericsson.com (industry site)

Multimedia via satellite (commercial, conference)

New Directions in Multimedia -Internet via Satellite '99 (commercial, report)

ATM over Satellite (Overview, Projects, Publications, Companies)


Multimedia Via Satellite: Telesat Explores A New Frontier (commercial, statement)

multicasting and security
Internet Multicasting (article, e-zine)

Higher Level Protocols used with IP Multicast (survey)

Efficient Security for Large and Dynamic Multicast Groups (paper, workshop)

A Framework for Group Key Management for Multicast Security (IETF draft)

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man-machine interaction models
A Taxonomy of Multimodal Interaction in the Human Information Processing System (survey, project)

Centre for man-machine-systems studies (ZMMS) (research group, homepage)

International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (journal)

Human-Computer Interaction Resources (links)

non-standard interfaces (e.g. 'immersive content', multimodality)
The Evolving Interface of Multimedia (article, magazine)

The making of 'Murmuring Fields' - developing e-MUSE (project, article, e-zine)

Immersive Media presents RoundAbout™ Immersive Video (commercial website)

Macromedia Delivers Shockwave 7 (commercial announcement)

Intelligence and Multimodality in Multimedia Interfaces: Research and Applications (e-book)

Jean-Claude MARTIN (personal homepage)

Intelligent User Interfaces (research group, homepage)

ATR Media Integration & Communications Research Laboratories (research institute, homepage)

interface agents
Dr. Elisabeth André (personal homepage)

Intelligent Agents WWW sites (links)

Interface Agents (links)

Intelligent Software Agent Bibliography

Agent Technologies (links)

Pattie Maes' Home Page

Human - Computer Interaction and Intelligent Software Agents (links)

virtual reality / interactive simulations, visualisation techniques, etc...
Some(!) Journals (Visualization & Computer Graphics) (links)

On The Net - Resources in Virtual Reality (annotated links)

Virtual Reality (links)

Computer Graphics, Scientific Visualization and Virtual Reality (overview, commercial)

Online Planning (e-journal)

Towards the Virtual City: VR & Internet GIS for Urban Planning (paper, conference)

Frontiers in Conceptual Navigation 2: Interfaces for Cultural Heritage (report, links)

Scientific Visualization Sites (annotated links, NASA)

RUS/HLRS Visualization Department (service centre website)

ART AND VIRTUALITY (projects, resources)

Virtual Geography (pre-print)

Top Ten Visualization Problems (article, newsletter)

Mapping the Information Landscape (commercial website)

BibRelEx: Exploring Bibliographic Databases by Visualization of Annotated Contents-Based Relations (paper, conference)

Information Visualization (links)

Information Visualization Resources on the Web (links)

On-line Library of Information Visualization Environments (portal)

User Interface Research Group - Information Visualization (industry research)

see also 'seeing' above

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Multimedia tools
Multimedia Tools and Applications (Journal)

Multimedia Tools & Resources (links, products, resources)

Tools for Multimedia Content Creation, Manipulation and Management: The ACTS perspective (paper, conference)

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multimedia systems
Multimedia Systems (Journal)

Multimedia Systems Design (Book)

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education and training
The Education and Training Sector of the Telematics Applications Programme

Multimedia Educational Software Observatory (report)

Using Technology in Education (links)

NETg (commercial, training products)

Dr. A.W. Bates (personal homepage)

International Centre for Distance Learning (academic organisation, homepage

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Entertainment and Multimedia Links


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information services
Networked Multimedia Information Services (NMIS) Project (project website)

Entertainment, then Information: Entertainment Technology, the National Digital Environment, and the Future of Information Services (report, Library of Congress)

En Technology's Cybercast System (commercial website)

W3C Workshop on "Television and the Web"

Digital Video in Information Networks (NIST, White Paper)

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cultural heritage
The National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage (NINCH) (organisation homepage)

Digital heritage and cultural content (EU IST KA3.2 homepage)

Museum and cultural heritage information standards resource guide

Internet-based Heritage & Preservation Resources



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engineers, architects, scientists, medical doctors
Aston University Department of Civil Engineering - Resources and Documentation


Multimedia Implications to Structural Engineering (abstract, conference)

Energy Efficiency Through Multimedia (article, newsletter)

Construction Multimedia Lab (lab homepage)

Virtual working environment for scientists, physicians and architects (project description)

The Multimedia Medical Reference Library

Virtual Hospital (portal)

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workflow and transaction oriented systems
VORTEL - Teleservice for Workflow Management (project description)

Transaction Management Support for Cooperative Applications (project homepage)

AMBIENTE - Workspaces of the Future (research group, homepage)


MULTIMEDIA COLLABORATION (project description)

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multimedia systems architectures
The Tempo Project (project homepage)

Distributed Multimedia Research Group (homepage)

Multimedia Architectures (commercial, product links)

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General architectural issues
Moving the Digital Library from "Project" to "Production" (technical report)

Key Concepts in the Architecture of the Digital Library (paper, e-journal)

Report of the Santa Fe Planning Workshop on Distributed Knowledge Work Environments: Digital Libraries

Emerging Technology Markets (commercial, report)

Chyron Duet: A fusion of technologies (article, product, commercial)

AsaP -- A Framework for Evaluating Run-time Schedulers in Embedded Multimedia End-Systems (paper, conference)

M-Bed(sm) : a registry of embedded multimedia electronic journals (bibliographic record)

Pooh's Magic PlayHouse (project, paper, conference)

Human Centred Systems Design Research Group Home Page

Knowledge Media Design Institute (acad. organisation, homepage)

International Ergonomics Association (IEA)

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OII Standards and Specifications List

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Players in Multimedia R&D and business
computer science / informatics community, information scientists and practitioners
University of Southampton - Multimedia Research Group

University of Bradford - Electronic Imaging and Media Communications

University of Essex - Multimedia and Vision Research Group

University of Wolverhampton - Multimedia and Intelligent Systems Technology (MIST) Research Group

IICM - Institute for Information Processing and Computer Supported New Media - Graz University of Technology

University of Dortmund - Information Retrieval Group

Complutense University of Madrid - Institute of Knowledge Technology

Technical University of Madrid - Department of Artificial Intelligence

Multimedia Operating Systems and Networking Group, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

MIT Media Lab

University of Pennsylvania - Center for Human Modeling and Simulation

University of Southern California - Department of Computer Science Research Units

basic and applied research institutes

ERCIM - European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics

European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC)

International Computer Science Institute (ICSI)


Inter-University Microelectronics Center (IMEC)


DANIT - The Danish National Centre for IT Research


GMD National Research Center for Information Technology


FORTH - ICS (Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas; Institute of Computer Science)




INRIA (Institut national de recherche en informatique et en automatique)

CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique)


CNR - CNUCE (Centro Nazionale Universitario di Calcolo Elettronico)

CNR - IEI (Istituto di Elaborazione della Informazione)


Public Research Centre Henri Tudor


Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica


Austrian Research Centres - Information Technology and Telematics Division


INESC (Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores)




SICS (Swedish Institute of Computer Science)

United Kingdom


near industry research organisations

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft - Information and communications technology Institutes

DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence)

FAW (Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing)


National Microelectronics Applications Centre (MAC)




INETI- National Institute for Engineering and Industrial Technology


Asian Technology Information Program (ATIP)


Computing Research Association (CRA)


Research Institute for Advanced Information Technology

industry R&D labs

SIEMENS Corporate Research

Philips Research

Nokia Research Center

Ericsson Research

Bell Labs

IBM Research Worldwide

IBM United Kingdom Laboratories

XEROX Palo Alto Research Center

NEC Research Institute

content producers / providers
European Consortium of Networked Media Labs
content users

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professional organisations
International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)


European Association for Computer Graphics

ACM Association for Computing Machinery

ACM SIGMM Special Interest Group on Multimedia

ACM SIGCHI Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction

ACM SIGIR Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval

ACM SIGWEB Special Interest Group on Hypertext, Hypermedia and Web

ACM SIGGRAPH Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics

ACM SIGART Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence

IEEE Computer Society

Industrial Computing Society

Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL)

European Chapter of the Association forComputational Linguistics (EACL)

Associations Involved in Multimedia Development and Related Activities

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major conferences
IDMS '97, IDMS '98, IDMS '99 (Interactive Distributed Multimedia Systems and Telecommunication Services Workshops)

Eurographics '95, Eurographics '97, Eurographics '00

IJCAI-95, IJCAI-97, IJCAI-99 (International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IJCAI)

HCI '99 (International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCIRN)

ECDL '97, ECDL '98, ECDL '99 (European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries)

RIAO1994, RIAO1997, RIAO2000 (Recherche d'Informations Assistée par Ordinateur)

ACM-MM '95, ACM-MM '96, ACM-MM '97, ACM-MM '98, ACM-MM '99 (ACM Multimedia conferences)

CHI 97, CHI 98, CHI 99 (ACM SIGCHI Human Factors in Computing Systems conferences)

SIGGRAPH '97, SIGGRAPH '98, SIGGRAPH '99 (ACM SIGGRAPH conferences on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques)

SIGIR '96, SIGIR '97, SIGIR '98, SIGIR '99 (ACM SIGIR Information Retrieval conferences)

Hypertext '98, Hypertext '99 (ACM SIGWEB conferences)

DL '96, DL '97, DL '98, DL '99 (ACM Conference on Digital Libraries)

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