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Engineering Artificial Cognitive Systems
- an interim report -

by Hans-Georg Stork (h-gATcikon.de)

Abstract (1) What is a cognitive system? (2) Why do we want to engineer such systems? (3) Why do we need a scientific foundation for engineering cognitive systems and what would be required of it? (4) What are its building blocks and what is the glue that holds them together? (5) How can we achieve it? We propose answers to each of these questions. Answers to (5) also refer to projects currently being funded under the Cognitive Systems ``Strategic Objective'' of the European IST programme.

Note: Most articles and papers (of a total of more than 200) referred to in the full report can be retrieved from either their authors' websites, from project websites (in particular: http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/cognition/projects_en.html and http://eprints.pascal-network.org/), from some open access repository such as citeseer, bbs, arxiv, or through Google_Scholar. (In many cases simply "googling" for a substring - in double quotes - of the title will do.)

pdf (984K)