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Stork, Hans-Georg (2012)
Mathematics Genealogy Project
DBLP: Hans-Georg Stork
Institut AIFB - Hans-Georg Stork
Bibliotheksdienst Heft 2, 1996
Bibliotheken und Verlage als Träger der Informationsgesellschaft: ... - Google Books Result
Bibliotecas digitales y enseñanza a distancia
Ten Years of European Commission Support to European Libraries: Results and Perspectives
Joint US/EU ad hoc Agent Markup Language Committee
ECDL 2000 Workshop on the Semantic Web
QOTD: Ask not what the Semantic Web Can do for you, ask what you can do for the Semantic Web
Index XMLfr
Semantic Web Technologies in Europe's IST Programme 1998 - 2002
Report on the Workshop “Future Trends in Artificial Cognitive Systems”
Towards a Cognitive Systems research agenda in FP7
"Cognitive Systems and Robotics" in the ICT Programme of the European Commission

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